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Erik Milito's Antiquities Act Letter to House Senate Chairmen

The combination of the latent executive power in the Act and the precedents arising from more frequent and more sweeping use of the Antiquities Act present threats to responsible and balanced use of federal lands offshore and onshore, the economic future of the communities near these lands, and to the states where these lands are located.

API and its members believe in the importance of continued access to energy and other resources for safe and responsible development. We strongly urge Congress to re-examine the role and purpose of the Antiquities Act with a focus on the economic consequences to the affected states and communities, and to provide Congress and the affected states where the new national monuments are proposed a voice in these decisions. We also believe that it will be important to design any amendments to the Antiquities Act to focus on the kinds of analysis necessary to make prudent and balanced decisions about Antiquities Act designations.


Antiquities Act Letter to House Senate Chairmen (January 13, 2017)

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