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Assessing the Risks of Operations while Using LNG as a Marine Fuel

Interest in fueling ships (aka bunkering) with LNG has grown significantly in recent years but there are challenges that need to be better understood to ensure safety and public trust. To cost-effectively implement LNG bunkering, it is critical to maximize the efficiency of the time spent at berth. Therefore it is desirable to perform LNG bunkering while performing other tasks at berth, known as simultaneous operations or SIMOPS. Minimizing time spent at the berth reduces operational costs and maximizes usage of available port infrastructure. SIMOPS are also important to maintain similarity between diesel and LNG bunkering, which will enable the long term viability of LNG as a marine fuel while maintaining cost and process efficiency. This report can serve as a tool for operators and regulators who want to assess the risk of SIMOPS while bunkering with LNG. The report provides a process and examples to help understand how a quantitative risk assessment can be applied to various types of vessels and operations to provide the information necessary to make decisions to ensure safe operations.


Considerations for Proponents when Conducting QRA for LNG Bunkering SIMOPS

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