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Print Ad: Oil Strikes a Pose

Odds are, something you’re wearing right now is made from petroleum.

Print Ad: Natural Gas Runs Cleaner

Innovations from the natural gas and oil industry have helped make the country’s air quality over 70% cleaner.

Print Ad: Oil Gushes Art

From paint to records to cameras, petroleum makes the things that make us creative.

Print Ad: Oil Pumps Life

From heart valves to artificial limbs, natural gas and oil are key to modern medicine.

Print Ad: Natural Gas Sparks Innovation

The low cost and ready availability of plastics derived from natural gas and oil make them a key component in technology.

Print Ad: Tech Taps Oil. Oil Taps Tech.

Not only does technology help develop the fuel for modern life, but natural gas and oil are essential to fueling technology.

Print Ad: Oil Fills Every Page – Vanity Fair spread

The pillars of fashion – from clothes to makeup to the magazines they’re featured in – are made in part with petroleum products.

Television Ad: Power Past Impossible – Natural Gas :30

Natural gas doesn’t just cook dinner.

Television Ad: Power Past Impossible – Oil :30

This ain’t your daddy’s oil.

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