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ICYMI: Regulators agree – NO emergency to justify coal, nuke bailouts

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At today’s Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing there was widespread agreement among all five FERC Commissioners on the fact that that there is NO emergency with our nation’s electric grid to justify bailouts to coal and nuclear power plants. The statements made by the FERC commissioners echo claims by grid operators that even with the coal and nuclear plant retirements, there will be plenty of electricity in the grid to meet energy needs.

Energy Commission Sees No National Security Risk From Coal Plant Closures

By Miranda Green
Federal energy regulators on Tuesday indicated they do not see a national security risk from the closure of coal and nuclear power plants in the U.S…Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash), the panel's ranking member, criticized the prospect of a bailout. “In my view you started things off right by rejecting Secretary Perry's radical proposal to force consumers to bail out noncompetitive coal — not only do I believe the underlying policy is wrong but it’s a threat on your oversight and independence to be directed this way,” Cantwell said in her opening statement.

Senate Energy Chairman Has "concerns" On Energy Dept. Plan To Bail Out Coal, Nuclear
By James Osbourne
Under questioning from senators, some FERC commissioners showed doubts about the track taken by the White House. "I'm a little concerned about the narrative that's being put out there," said Commissioner Robert F. Powelson. "We're going to need all these resources, but I don't think its appropriate to put FERC in the arena of creating moral hazards in these markets. These markets are working hyper efficiently."

U.S. electricity commission sees no emergency in power market
By Timothy Gardner
Kevin McIntyre, the chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and one of three Republicans on the five member panel, said there was "no immediate calamity or threat" to power plants operating or serving the needs of consumers.  Senator Martin Heinrich, a Democrat, later asked all members of the FERC at the Senate energy committee hearing whether any of them saw a national security emergency in power markets. Cheryl LaFleur, a Democrat, said she did not, and the other four members responded to the question with silence.

Energy Regulators: No Immediate Threat To Power Grid

By Matt Daly
Federal regulators are disputing the Trump administration’s claim that struggles facing the coal and nuclear industries threaten the reliability of the nation’s power grid.

The Republican chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission told Congress on Tuesday that “there is no immediate calamity or threat” to the nation’s bulk power system. He added that existing power sources are sufficient to satisfy the nation’s energy needs.

Top U.S. Regulators Don't Back Claim That Grid Faces Emergency
By Stephen Cunningham and Ari Natter

The five members of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission were testifying before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee when asked by New Mexico Democrat Martin Heinrich if the decline in coal and nuclear electricity is putting the nation’s security at risk.

“Do any of you believe that in the wholesale power markets we are facing an actual national security emergency at the moment?’ Heinrich said. “Any one able to answer that with a ’yes?”’

All five regulators remained silent.

FERC commissioners say grid faces no immediate risk requiring Trump to bail out coal plants

By Josh Siegel

Members of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Tuesday morning criticized President Trump’s order for Energy Secretary Rick Perry to prevent the closing of financially struggling coal and nuclear plants…Later, Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., asked commissioners individually if they believe there is a national security emergency facing the power grid. None of the commissioners said an emergency exists.


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