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Report Highlights Natural Gas Resilience During Recent Extreme Weather Events; Underscores Preparedness

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Washington, D.C. – With the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey’s U.S. landfall approaching, the Natural Gas Council (NGC), which represents the companies that collectively manage nearly all aspects of the production, transportation, sales and delivery of the nation’s natural gas, today released a joint report from RBN Energy, “Weather Resilience in the Natural Gas Industry: the 2017-2018 Test and Results.” 

The “Weather Resilience” report examines the industry’s preparation and actions during three historic weather events between August 2017 and January 2018 and the impacts on customers. The three events were Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma and the “Bomb Cyclone.”  RBN Energy interviewed 25 companies in the pipeline, production and local distribution business for the study, and compiled data from regional operators, government reports and media accounts.

Todd Snitchler, Director of Market Development, the American Petroleum Institute said:

“Time and time again, natural gas has proven itself as reliable and resilient.  Today’s report shows that even during the toughest of times, natural gas is there – to generate reliable electricity and to serve impacted families and businesses. The reliability and resilience characteristics of natural gas have allowed this clean energy resource to earn its share of the market while delivering affordable electricity to consumers across the country. For this to continue, we must pursue policies that protect the electricity markets in order to further ensure an affordable, reliable and resilient electric grid that benefit consumers of all types.”

Dena E. Wiggins, President and CEO of the Natural Gas Supply Association, which leads the Natural Gas Council in 2018, said:

“In the span of six months, the natural gas supply and delivery system was challenged by hurricanes, devastating flooding and a ‘snow hurricane.’  This study helps to get the story out about how natural gas customers were impacted by those events and how the industry’s reliability and safety measures were an essential part of helping our customers. We think there’s a great story to tell, as well as an opportunity to raise awareness of natural gas safety and reliability as we head into the 2018 hurricane season.   We are proud of our industry’s commitment to ensuring the reliable, safe delivery of natural gas to U.S. consumers.”

 Lori Traweek, Chief Operating Officer of the American Gas Association, said:

“This study shows that through some of the most severe weather in 2017 and 2018, natural gas local distribution companies maintained service to their customers without issue.  Customers had hot showers, warm food and comfortable homes even during extreme conditions. Our domestic abundance of clean natural gas provides unparalleled supply reliability and the men and women of our industry plan and prepare constantly to safely deliver essential energy under the most trying circumstances.”

Don Santa, President and CEO of the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America, said:

“This study serves to underscore the fact that U.S. natural gas and the pipelines that transport it are remarkably safe, reliable and resilient. The weather-related challenges the industry faced last year were extraordinary, and as the report shows, the natural gas system fully met those challenges.”

Barry Russell, President and CEO of the Independent Petroleum Association of America, said:

“As reported, our industry can meet demand for abundant, clean-burning natural gas.  Going forward, modernizing and improving our nation’s energy infrastructure will allow the U.S. to compete globally and lead to greater energy reliability, safety, security, and affordability here at home.  With the right energy policies in place, the federal government and energy industry is putting America’s consumers first and allowing for private investment to build the proper infrastructure to meet the uninterrupted energy demands of everyone, everywhere, and at any time.”

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The Natural Gas Council was formed in 1992, uniting all sectors of the natural gas industry to work together toward common goals.  The five full members of the Council -- the American Gas Association, the American Petroleum Institute, the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America, the Independent Petroleum Association of America and the Natural Gas Supply Association -- collectively represent nearly all the companies that produce, transport and distribute natural gas consumed in the United States.  Leadership of the NGC rotates annually, with the Natural Gas Supply Association leading the Council in 2018.

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