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API Convenes Rail Safety Experts from U.S. and Canada

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CHICAGO, June 6, 2019—API’s Manager of Midstream and Industry Operations today addressed more than 150 safety culture practitioners during this year’s International Safety Culture Summit, highlighting API’s commitment to promoting a culture of safety in the rail industry, as well as other industrial sectors.

“API believes in a ‘safety culture’ – meaning that we emphasize safety in everything we do at API, as well as in our member companies and across the industry, globally.  As part of that commitment, we develop and maintain hundreds of standards focused on improving safety across industry operations. For example, API’s Recommended Practice for Classifying and Loading of Crude Oil into Rail Tank Cars, provides guidance on the proper testing, classification and handling when shipping crude oil. This standard, like many others API has developed, emphasizes safety during every step of the process, helping to breed a culture of safety in the rail industry,” said Suzanne Lemieux, manager in API’s midstream and industry operations group and moderator of a panel on ‘Guidelines for a Robust Safety Culture.’

The International Safety Culture Summit is a bi-annual event rotating between the United States and Canada focused on the promotion of safety culture across the rail and other industrial sectors. The event brings together industry operators, contractors, service/supply companies, academia, and regulators from across the United States and Canada to facilitate collaboration and drive continual improvements in safety culture.

Panelists at the summit discuss company success stories, tackle safety challenges, and address the role of regulators in safety culture.

This year’s summit featured a Keynote Presentation by Christopher Hart, former chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board. The summit also featured a special luncheon discussion with “Dozer” Dave Turin from Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush and Dave Turin’s Lost Mine Tv Shows.

API co-sponsored this year’s event, the 3rd International Safety Culture Summit, with Canadian National Railway and Saint Mary’s University in Chicago on June 5-6, 2019. The last summit was held in Halifax in October 2017 and the next summit will be held in Montreal in 2021.  API has sponsored each of the three international summits. 

API is the only national trade association representing all facets of the natural gas and oil industry, which supports 10.3 million U.S. jobs and nearly 8 percent of the U.S. economy. API’s more than 600 members include large integrated companies, as well as exploration and production, refining, marketing, pipeline, marine businesses, and service and supply firms. They provide most of the nation’s energy and are backed by a growing grassroots movement of more than 47 million Americans. API was formed in 1919 as a standards-setting organization. In its first 100 years, API has developed more than 700 standards to enhance operational and environmental safety, efficiency and sustainability.