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Oil and Natural Gas Industry Preparedness Handbook

API created the Oil and Natural Gas Industry Preparedness Handbook, with support from members and associations throughout the industry, to illustrate how local responses can be aided by local, State and regional associations, established relationships with governments and communities, and how corporate and federal capabilities can facilitate efficient response and recovery at the local level. While resources and information are often collected at the regional or national level, it is the facility operators and those on the ground who will have the best ability to assess their systems, identify needs, and execute the work needed to restore services. The Handbook provides a common sense approach for oil and gas owners and operators, local and State industry associations, and public sector partners to build the necessary capabilities to effectively manage the information flow that so often becomes congested during disruptive events. The Handbook is not a play book for response, but rather a guide to understand how the information flows, between and among levels of the government and industry, and how that flow can be managed and utilized to facilitate rather than hinder response.


Oil and Natural Gas Industry Preparedness Handbook (Updated July 2022)

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