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Oil & Natural Gas Supply Chains

The oil and natural gas supply chains can be complicated and sometimes obscure systems to many who rely on their products and services. API has created supply chain models for both oil and natural gas to communicate, in the simplest terms, how the industry works from the identification of resources to the end user. These models provide simple visual descriptions of these critical systems, their major components, and the critical customers and services which are dependent on this energy. Recognizing the critical components and their placement in the system provides the context to understand the diversity of the systems, the issues that can affect the various stages of development, production and distribution, and the resilience that is inherent throughout our Nation’s energy infrastructure.

As an industry, we recognize that we produce the products that not only keep our homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but also the fuels that are essential to manufacturing, power generation and transportation. To achieve this, the industry is committed to: maintaining and wherever possible growing our commitment to safety, environmentally responsible operations onshore and offshore; maximizing industry resiliency and recovery to any incident; and continuing our partnerships with the public and government to ensure those operations are informed by the best information available. This all begins with a familiarity of the industry and how it works.


Energy: Understanding Our Oil Supply Chain

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Energy: Understanding Our Natural Gas Supply Chain

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