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Energy & Communities

Prioritizing Safety, Health and Environmental Stewardship

The safety, health and protection of people, the environment and communities are top priorities for the natural gas and oil industry. Today, natural gas and oil not only power our lives but are the building blocks for so many of the products that make modern life possible. Across the board – from workplace safety, to air emissions or the safety of transporting our products – there is an important story of constant improvement, investment in the future and technological innovation. Through continuous innovation and best practices development, the oil and gas industry has demonstrated a commitment to developing our natural resources while protecting the health of communities and the environment. As a result, the industry has laid the groundwork for the American people – as consumers, workers and citizens alike – to reap enormous benefits from this energy renaissance. From individual savings to nationwide energy security, the natural gas and oil industry has set the country on a sustainable course towards a brilliant future.


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