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LNAPL Distribution and Recovery Model (LDRM)

Prepared for API under contract by:
Randall Charbeneau, Ph.D., P.E.
The University of Texas at Austin


The API LNAPL Distribution and Recovery Model (LDRM) simulates the performance of proven hydraulic technologies for recovering free-product petroleum liquid releases to groundwater.

Model scenarios included in the LDRM are hydrocarbon liquid recovery using: single- and dual-pump well systems, skimmer wells, vacuum-enhanced well systems, and trenches. The LDRM provides information about LNAPL distribution in porous media and allows the user to estimate LNAPL recovery rates, volumes and times.

The LDRM package contains:

  • LDRM application and associated files
  • API Publication 4760: LNAPL Distribution and Recovery
    • Volume 1 - Distribution and Recovery of Petroleum Hydrocarbon Liquids in Porous Media
    • Volume 2 - User and Parameter Selection Guide

Volume 1

Distribution and Recovery of Petroleum Hydrocarbon Liquids in Porous Media documents the LDRM and is presented as a supplement to API Publication Number 4682, Free-Product Recovery of Petroleum Hydrocarbon Liquids, which was published in June 1999, and to API Publication Number 4729,Models for Design of Free-Product Recovery Systems for Petroleum Hydrocarbon Liquids; A User's Guide and Model Documentation, which was published in August 2003 and included in the API Interactive LNAPL Guide. View More Info

Volume 2

User and Parameter Selection Guide is a detailed guide to use of the LDRM software application. Four example problem applications are presented which highlight model use, parameter estimation using the API LNAPL Parameters Database, and limitations of scenario-based models. View More Info

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