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Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (LNAPL) Parameters Database

Database and Guide for Data Retrieval prepared under contract to API by:

  • G.D. Beckett
  • Steven Joy
  • Aqui-Ver, Inc.

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The Light Non-aqueous Phase Liquid (LNAPL) Parameters Database is a collection of information about samples that have had their capillary parameters determined, as well as other physical parameters measured. Capillary properties are critical in multiphase calculations, and those results have very high sensitivity to these properties. The primary purpose of this database is to provide information to users who are trying to characterize the movement and distribution of LNAPL within a site that has a limited set of direct observations of the capillary properties of the site. Other databases of related parameters have typically been derived from measurements in the agricultural or the petroleum extraction industries; neither being necessarily representative of near-surface environmental conditions. This database gives the user the opportunity to understand the range of capillary characteristics observed at sites that are geologically similar, but where there are more direct and laboratory observations available.

The guide for data retrieval describes the types of data that are contained in the database and how a user can quickly retrieve subsets of the database that match various user input filters or selection criteria. Included are several user scenarios with user inputs and database outputs conveyed through a series of sample screens and text.

A more extensive version of the guide (API Publication 4731) can be purchased from Global Engineering Documents. It describes how a user can add new data to the database and provides detailed information about the database structure and maintenance.

System Requirements

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  • Microsoft AccessTM 2000 or higher

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