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API AMIGO Online Decision Support Tool

Beta Release - November 2008


API’s AMIGO online decision support tool allows users to assess the threat to groundwater and soil posed by a produced water (brine) release. This screening tool can help stakeholders evaluate remedial responses that balance the potential impacts to the environment and property.

AMIGO is designed to perform two main functions:
1. Produce a graph of water content or chloride concentrations v. depth in the vadose zone (including the root zone).
2. Produce a graph of fluxes from the vadose zone to ground water v. time or chloride concentrations v. time at an adjacent or distant well.

The user provides the data to run AMIGO through direct data input and from drop-down menus. Upon startup, the program populates all required data fields with default values. These values can be modified by:

New inputs from the user
Reading values from a previously saved simulation
AMIGO has been designed to simulate three scenarios:

Land placement of chloride rich materials (e.g., at an approved land management facility)
This version of AMIGO uses a library of HYDRUS-1D unsaturated flow model results from southeastern New Mexico and a simple ground water mixing model to estimate chloride concentrations in the vadose zone and in an underlying water table aquifer. In the future, API may consider developing libraries for other climates.

A quick start guide and complete user manual can be accessed within AMIGO.


MASSLOAD is a complementary Microsoft Excel™ spreadsheet for AMIGO designed to calculate a chloride loading per unit area assuming data collected at the time of the spill is available. Necessary input data is:
Chloride concentration from sample of the released fluid,
Surface area affected by the release (square feet or meters), which is measured in the field,
Volume of the release, if known. If not, an estimate should be entered.
You will be prompted to download MASSLOAD before proceeding to AMIGO for the first time.

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