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RP 2219

Safe Operation of Vacuum Trucks Handling Flammable and Combustible Liquids in Petroleum Service

RP 2219 provides information concerning the safe operation of vacuum trucks engaged in all aspects of handling flammable and combustible liquids, associated waste water, produced water, sour water, basic sediment and water (BS&W), caustics, spent acids, or other fluids stemming from petroleum operations, products, powders, and the hazard of dust explosions. This publication discusses the types of vacuum pumps and cargo tanks associated with vacuum truck operations, the common hazards associated with those vacuum truck operations, and representative safe work practices and precautions to help prevent accidents and injuries. Appendix G provides brief descriptions of a variety of incidents involving vacuum trucks, including offloading into open areas. These may be useful in reviewing specific operating procedures or developing materials for safety meetings or pre-job briefings.

4th Edition | June 2016

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