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Acidizing: Treatment in Oil and Gas Operators

Oil and gas operators have used acid treatment (acidizing) to improve well productivity for almost 120 years. Acidizing predates all other well stimulation techniques, including hydraulic fracturing which was not developed until the late 1940s. However, until the early 1930’s, acidizing use was limited by the lack of effective acid corrosion inhibitors to protect the steel tubulars in the wells. With the development of effective corrosion inhibitors, the use and further development of acid treatment (acidizing) of oil and gas wells proliferated, leading to the establishment of the well stimulation services industry. Today, acidizing is one of the most widely used and effective means available to oil and gas operators for improving productivity (stimulation) of wells. Acidizing is commonly performed on new wells to maximize their initial productivity and on aging wells to restore productivity and maximize the recovery of the energy resources.

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Acidizing: Treatment in Oil and Gas Operators

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