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Hydraulic Fracturing - Economic Benefits

Oil and natural gas are the lifeblood of the U.S. economy. As of 2016, they meet two thirds of our energy needs and more oil and natural gas are projected to be needed to meet our energy needs in the decades ahead. Technological innovation is helping produce more domestic natural gas and oil than ever before. The U.S. has entered an era of energy abundance that will ensure we can meet our energy needs and drive economic growth well into the future.


Affordable U.S. Energy and U.S. Natural Gas and Oil

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Geopolitical and National Security Benefits of U.s. Oil and Natural Gas Production

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Industry Provides Significant Revenues in the U.S.

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Oil and Natural Gas and the U.S. Economy

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Oil and Natural Gas Industry Employment

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Oil and Natural Gas is Vital to Americans

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U.S. Natural Gas and Oil Resources

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