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Strengthening the Framework Around Offshore Safety

Safety is a core value for the industry and delivering offshore energy to the American people is safer than ever as a result of industry's leadership and continuous investments in safety, as evident in API's robust slate of offshore standards, the Center for Offshore Safety, the Marine Well Containment Company and HWCG, and an enhanced regulatory regime. The oil and natural gas industry is focused on prevention-oriented reforms, including new guidance on deepwater well design and installation, maintaining multiple barriers during well construction to mitigate any loss of well control, cementing to prevent and control flows, and operator and contractor interface.

Industry has long supported clear, commonsense rules that take into account industry’s innovation, advanced technologies and experience, as well as its long, demonstrated commitment to establishing useful standards for operations, equipment and personnel. All of these have strengthened the culture of safety in our industry – particularly in its offshore activities. BSEE’s reforms strengthen a regulatory framework that promotes updated, modern, and safe technologies, best practices, and operations.

Our industry will continue to work with the government and lead the way on continuing prevention-oriented reforms and taking action through robust API standards, training, industry programs, and cutting-edge technologies all centered on safe and reliable operations.


Increasing Offshore Safety: Updating the Blowout Preventer Systems and Well Control Rule

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Key Improvements to Offshore Safety - Brochure

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