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Compendium of State Pipeline Safety Requirements

NARUC and our colleagues at the National Association of Pipeline Safety Representatives are pleased to release an updated compendium of gas pipeline regulations around the country revealing that States implement stricter rules and laws than required by the federal government.

Originally released in November 2011, and updated in September 2013, the compilation demonstrates how the large majority of State requirements go above and beyond those required by federal law.

This compendium includes the detailed sections of the federal pipeline safety code that are exceeded by the local statutes. Additionally, it shows instances where the State has identified a particular provision as necessary to address a specific situation in the State. This could include, but not be limited to, a history of specific risky practices, a particular problem, or incidents that prompted the initiation of rulemaking, law amendment or issuance of Commission orders; the State’s landscape or geography that has prompted specialized rules; a material defect that perhaps affected a given population of pipelines giving rise to orders for more frequent monitoring or replacement; and/or a greater demand or tolerance by the public in that State for more stringent rules to enhance safety.

See Compendium update link.

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