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API 580 - Risk Based Inspection

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This exam can now be scheduled either at in-person test centers or through remote proctoring.

API welcomes highly specialized inspectors, engineers, other professionals across the entire petrochemical industry to obtain the API 580 Risk Based Inspection certification as a validation of their profound knowledge of Risked Based Inspection (RBI).

RBI has quickly become one of the industry’s premiere instruments and preferred methods of inspection. The API 580 certification will add significant value to your professional credentials, demonstrating to your employers and clients that you have obtained a high level of proficiency and understanding in this very important field.

API 580 certification is valid for a three-year term.

1. Studying For The Exam

  • The API 580 Risk Based Inspection certification exam tests the individual’s knowledge and expertise in the field of Risk Based Inspection.
  • The Body of Knowledge for the API 580 exam is based on API RP 580 Risk-Based Inspection, 3rd Edition 2016. 
    • The API 580 exam covers the basic minimum and recommended elements for developing, implementing, and maintaining a RBI program. Exam will also cover guidance to owner-users, operators, and designers of pressure-containing equipment for developing and implementing an inspection program.

2. Exam Structure

  1. The API 580 exam is 3.25 hours long.
  2. There are 90 questions, of which only 80 are scored. The remaining 10 are pretest, which are not scored.
  3. All questions are multiple-choice and closed-book. Paper and reference materials are not allowed into the examinations.
  4. This exam has a set passing scaled score. 
  5. View the Exam Tutorial before exam day to familiarize yourself with the format. 

3. Additional Resources

Are you qualified to take the API 580 exam?

If you hold a current API 510, 570 or 653 certification, you automatically qualify to take the API 580 Risk Based Inspection certification exam.

If you do not hold a current API 510, 570 or 653 certification, then qualification is based on a combination of your level of education and industry experience acquired within the last 10 years.

Prior to submitting an application, please use the table below to determine if you qualify to take the API 580 exam. The minimum experience required MUST be documented on your application.

Education Years of Experience Experience Required
BS or higher in engineering or technology 1 year Any experience in the petrochemical industry
2-year degree or certificate in engineering or technology 2 years Any experience in the petrochemical industry
High school diploma or equivalent 3 years Any experience in the petrochemical industry
No formal education 5 or more years Any experience in the petrochemical industry
  1. The certification term for API 580 Risked Based Inspection is three years.
  2. At this time, employment verification is not required to recertify.
  3. You may apply for recertification 90 days prior to the certification expiration date. Apply online in the ICP Portal.
  4. API also allows a 90-day grace period for submitting a recertification application. Late fees will apply.
  5. If an application is not submitted by the end of the 90-day grace period, the certification will expire. A new application and fees must be submitted, and the candidate must pass a full examination in order to be recertified.
  • Circumstances such as heavy work schedule or work in other countries or remote areas do not relieve the inspector/examiner of the responsibility to file a timely renewal application.
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