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API IAQ1 - Internal Auditor Q1

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Are you qualified to take the API Internal Auditor Q1 exam?

Prior to submitting an application, please use the information below to determine if you qualify to take an API Auditor Certification exam. The minimum experience required MUST be documented on your application.

The qualification requirements for all API Auditor certifications are defined in terms of five criteria.

Applicants must meet the minimum requirements for EACH of the five criteria.
  1. Education
  2. Oil and gas industry experience
  3. QMS-related work experience
  4. Special training
  5. Auditing experience

Minimum Requirements Additional Info
1. Education Secondary Education (High School or equivalent)
• High School is defined as 11-12 full years of schooling prior to college/university entrance
• Diplomas must be translated officially into English
2. Oil and gas industry experience in any capacity 2 years • Includes work with oil/gas companies, or with equipment manufacturers and service companies that supply the oil and gas industry
3. Quality Management Systems (QMS) experience 1 year QMS experience in the past 2 years
Includes any of the following QMS experience in any industry:
• Quality Control
• Quality Assurance
• QMS/Processes Implementation
• Quality Auditing
• Inspection/Testing
• Application of the various Quality Improvement Tools & Techniques (SPC, DOE, MSA, Lean Manufacturing, RCA, CPAR, etc.)
4. Special Training
API-U (or equivalent) API Spec Q1
~ AND ~

Auditor Training in the past 3 years

If either training listed above occurred more than 3 years prior to the application, then applicant needs to have participated in two or more audits in the past 2 years.
Acceptable training includes:
• Courses that require attendees to take an examination at the end
• Course certificate must indicate successful completion.
• Auditor courses need to be at least 2 days (16 hrs. total) duration
• Spec Q1 courses need to be at least 3 days (24 hrs. total) duration
• The training courses may be taken together as long as they meet the combined minimum course duration.
5. Auditing Experience
Not required if Auditor Training was completed within the past 3 years
If Auditor Training was taken longer than 3 years prior to the application, then at least 2 audits in the past 2 years are required
• Audits may be full system or “partial” audits. Participation means that the applicant is a member of the team or the team leader. 

Audits that are NOT accepted:
• Audits of less than one-day (8 hrs.) duration
• Re-audits or follow up audits to verify implementation of corrective actions
• Gap analysis audits

Questions on the API Internal Auditor Q1 Certification examination are derived from the publications listed in the Publications Effectivity Sheet.

API IA-Q1 Publications Effectivity Sheet For 2020 exams

Refer to the Body of Knowledge for the specific topics included in this examination.

PDF Icon API IA-Q1 Body of Knowledge For 2020 exams

Fill out one of these forms for every audit that you list on the Auditor Logs page of your online application. Then upload them into the application on that same page.

PDF Icon Audit Details Form

The API Internal Auditor Q1 exam is 4 hours long and consists of 150 multiple-choice questions, testing applicants’ auditing skills and understanding of API Spec Q1 requirements. Applicants must receive passing scores in both the auditing and Q1 sections individually in order to be certified. Tests are administered at Prometric computer testing centers worldwide. Papers and reference materials are not allowed in the examination rooms.

Read the Test Center Regulations

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Additional Resources

Examination Policies & Notifications: Policies

Purchasing Authorized API Publications: API Publications Store

API IAQ1 Recertification Requirements

API Internal Auditor Q1 certified auditors will need to apply for recertification every three years and provide the following:
  1. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities
  2. Audit performance

Code of Conduct CPD Audits
Sign new declaration upon application for recertification.

30 hours over the past 3 years

Provide a Description of Activity:
  • Describe the activity you participated in or the work you performed. Examples: participation in industry-related educational courses either as a trainer or student; presenter, speaker or resource person in a meeting, conference, workshop, forum, etc.; work on an API committee; paper/article published in a technical publication (the hours claimed will be the amount of time writing the paper)
  • Describe the knowledge that you acquired from the activity. Examples: auditing skills, API Spec Q1/Q2; industry product manufacturing processes, such as welding, NDE, threading, machining, etc.
1 audit for a total 1 day per year

Audit Requirements:
  • Audits and days are per year
  • Cannot be all in one year
  • Must be documented in Audit Log PDF Icon Audit Details Form
  • Acceptable audits same as for initial certification

  • You may apply for recertification 90 days prior to the certification expiration date. Apply online in the ICP Portal.
  • API also allows a 90-day grace period for submitting a recertification application. Late fees will apply.
  • If an application is not submitted by the end of the 90-day grace period, the certification will expire. A new application and fees must be submitted, and the candidate must pass a full examination in order to be recertified. Circumstances such as heavy work schedule or work in other countries or remote areas do not relieve the inspector/examiner of the responsibility to file a timely renewal application.

The API Auditor Certification Program includes six certification products on three levels of proficiency. Each of these three certification levels can be obtained in either API Spec Q1 or Spec Q2.

  1. IA-Q1 and IA-Q2 - Internal Auditor
    • Internal Auditors conduct audits, either of “partial” or full systems within an organization, or on behalf of an organization that employs them. Audits may include supplier audits performed as part of the organization’s QMS requirements.
    • This program has a minimum level of qualifications, including the completion of a series of training program requirements.
  2. A-Q1 and A-Q2 – Auditor
    • Auditors conduct full system audits alone or as part of an audit team. Audits may include 1st, 2nd or 3rd party audits as long as each audit is a full system audit.
    • Program qualification requirements include the completion of a predetermined amount of audit days as part of an Audit Team.
  3. LA-Q1 and LA-Q2 - Lead Auditor
    • Lead Auditors manage and lead audit teams of two or more auditors performing a full system audit. Audit team members may not necessarily audit all requirements individually, but the team must collectively audit against all requirements of the standard.
    • Program qualifications include the completion of predetermined amount of audits in an Audit Team Leader role.

These auditor certifications allow both company personnel and self-employed individuals to apply for, train, test, and become certified in various quality management related certification programs by an independent body - API.

Certified individuals will obtain recognition both within their own company and within the oil and gas industry. Given API’s history, brand and expertise in the quality management certification space, such a certification is extremely valuable to substantiate the auditor position within the oil and gas industry as a properly recognized and credentialed auditing professional.

The API Auditor Certifications are valid for three years. Exams begin March 2016.