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API Publishes 10th Edition of API Spec Q1, Delivering Crucial Quality Management System Updates for the Petroleum & Natural Gas Industry

The American Petroleum Institute (API) has published the 10th edition of API Specification Q1, Quality Management System Requirements for Organizations Providing Products for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry. This milestone edition establishes updated quality management requirements that promote operational efficiencies and continual improvements.

Building off a legacy of previous editions, the 10th edition of API Q1 stands out by including not just organizations involved in manufacturing and related processes, but those engaged in engineering and design, physical product realization activities (welding, heat treating, coating, matching, inspection, testing, servicing) and physical product-related activities (distribution, logistics and software development). This broadened scope represents a substantial advancement in establishing industry standards for quality manufacturing. At the same time, the new edition reinforces safety and consistency across industry products and operations, resulting in an expanded reach to organizations, regardless of their role in the supply chain, which promotes adherence to a consistent quality management framework.

The 10th edition of Q1 includes alignment with the latest version of ISO 9001:2015, a necessary change from the 9th edition's alignment with that standard’s 2008 version. Other notable changes include detailing alternative solutions to the conventional Quality Manual, a revised supplier evaluation process that incorporates a more risk-based approach, and modifications surrounding inspections and final acceptance processes. Collectively, these changes further API’s goal of driving continuous improvement while responding to (and even anticipating) the industry's evolving needs.

Both domestic and international stakeholders collaborated to help create the 10th edition of Q1, underscoring its global relevance. Indeed, previous editions of Q1 have been used by thousands of organizations around the world, while nearly 4,000 facilities have been certified by API for implementing management systems that meet API Q1 requirements.

Training courses for those interested in learning about what is new in the 10th edition will be available in early October at and through our API-U global network of training providers.

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