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Pressure Relieving Systems - Presented by Equity Engineering Group, Inc.


When: March 24, 2020 - March 26, 2020

Where: San Antonio, TX

Presented by Equity Engineering Group, Inc.

This Pressure Relieving Systems training course will provide attendees with practical experience involving Pressure Relief Devices (PRDs). This training course covers proper sizing, selection, and installation of PRDs to ensure adequate overpressure protection is provided and reduce hazards if a PRD discharges. The course content includes 3% inlet pressure drop requirements, sizing of PRDs in two-phase flashing service, and operation of PRDs and the effects of back pressure on valve stability and performance. In addition to the API 520/521 Standards, the course also covers protection of atmospheric storage tanks per API 2000 Standard and boilers per ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code, Section I. The instructors will discuss the background and logic behind the document procedures and intersperse some example problems.

Course Highlights:

  • You will learn what OSHA is looking for and what is really required for RAGAGEP compliance.
  • You will learn how to select and size appropriate relief devices.
  • You will learn how to test, inspect, and repair relief devices and establish an inspection timetable.
  • You will gain a broad knowledge or PRDs and practical applications that can help to correctly implement key recommendations for OSHA reviews on Process Safety Management.

Who Should Attend:

  • Federal and state regulatory personnel who oversee safety and environmental protection.
  • Engineers who construct process systems and pressure vessel engineers.
  • Process plant equipment and boiler owners/operators.
  • Maintenance personnel who inspect and install pressure relief devices.
  • Engineers involved in plant turnaround/upgrade projects.
  • PRD manufacturer technical sales representatives.

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