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Automotive Petroleum Forum

The Detroit Advisory Panel held its 40th Biennial Automotive/Petroleum Industry Forum on April 17, 2018. Under the theme " Collaboration for a Sustainable Future", the Forum provided up-to-date information on the fuels and lubricants issues facing Automotive Manufacturers and the Petroleum Industry. A list of the Presentations for download are available below.

Teri Crosby, Oronite
Mobile Natural Gas Engine Oil: Path Towards a Sustainable Future
Ian Bell, Afton Chemical
Contribution of Gasoline Particulate Filter (GPF) and Lubricant to the TGDi System Solution
Kiran Govindswamy, FEV
Future Transmission Trends: Transmission and driveline systems
Kevin Ferrick, API
API Update
Alessandro Faldi, ExxonMobil 2018 Outlook for Energy: A View to 2040
David Brooks, General Motors
The Future for the Internal Combustion Engine and the Advantages of Octane
Rebecca Monroe, General Motors
Chris Castanien, Neste
Renewable Diesel: Sustainable Hydrocarbon Fuel