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Industry Careers

Oil & Gas Workforce

There's a career for you in the oil and natural gas industry. Oil & Gas Workforce connects you with opportunities for jobs, education, certification and training in this growing industry. Have you found your calling?

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Veterans to Energy Pipeline

Welcome to Veterans Energy Pipeline, an on-line application designed to help connect veterans with top jobs in the oil and natural gas industry.

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Women and Minorities in the Oil and Natural Gas Industry

A vast opportunity exists for the oil and natural gas industry to attract, retain, and develop life long careers for women and minorities. Nearly 1.3 million job opportunities are projected in the oil & gas and petrochemical industries through 2030. Women and minority workers represent a critically vital and available talent pool to help meet the demands of the projected growth and expansion.

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Returning Veterans

America’s oil and natural gas industry has great opportunities for returning veterans. Companies have an immediate need for entry-level and experienced workers such as welders, engineers, technicians, geologists, electricians, and many other professionals.

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Rockies Energy Workforce

The Rockies Energy Workforce Collaborative is a task force that meets quarterly to identify and link common interests and goals of the energy industry, education, and state workforce systems in Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming.

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Oilfield Training Program

The Oilfield Training Program is a unique educational partnership between America’s oil and natural gas industry and the Carville Job Corps Academy in Carville, Louisiana. The program trains students in the basics of the oil and natural gas industry and prepares them for entry-level positions.

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