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RP 2221

Contractor and Owner Safety Program Implementation

This guide is intended to assist refining and petrochemical industry facility owners and contractors to implement (or improve) an effective contractor health and safety program. This document provides guidance for applying the principles outlined in RP 2220. This publication intends to preserve the independent contractor relationship while helping both owners and contractors improve contractor safety performance. It is based on experience in the petroleum and petrochemical industries and experience of firms that perform contract work for these industries. The purpose of this publication is to assist owners and contractors to improve their safety programs. Joint commitment and support of safety program initiatives are essential in minimizing incidents and preventing injuries and illnesses. The nature of the work performed by contractors within the petroleum and chemical industries varies greatly. Some contractors perform construction and turnaround activities; other specialty contractors provide skills and services that are not typically found within an owner’s work force. Other contractors may provide services to augment the peak loads and skills of owners’ work forces, such as in maintenance and operation of facilities. These diverse functions and uses of contractors share a common need for effective safety programs to protect owner and contractor personnel from workplace injuries, illnesses, and losses associated with incidents arising out of contractor work.

3rd Edition | August 2011

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