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API Composite List


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The API Composite List is an online Directory of API Monogram Licensees and Management System Registered Organizations. It's the easiest way to find real-time, up-to-date information about API certified companies. Search by company name, certificate number, product type, key word, and more.

The companies found in the API Composite List represent the foremost equipment manufacturers and service supply organizations in the industry. They are:
  • API Monogram® Licensees
  • API Spec Q1® Registered Organizations
  • API Spec Q2™ Registered Organizations
  • API 18LCM Registered Organizations
  • ISO 9001 Registered Organizations
  • ISO 14001 Registered Organizations
  • OHSAS 18001 Registered Organizations

API certified organizations have proven their ability to meet stringent quality and product specifications. Each are audited by API and adhere to proven management system specifications and sound technical capabilities. They are the finest companies in the world, and now you know who they are and how to find them.

The API Composite List is also where you will find companies that hold Registered Designs for API 19B Perforating Equipment.

API, through its Monogram Licensing and Management System Registration Certification programs, works diligently to identify qualified suppliers of products and services used in the oil and gas industry. Organizations around the world rely on API’s recognition of these suppliers when making purchasing decisions. When purchasers and users find API licensed or certified suppliers not in conformity with the applicable product or management system standards, API wants to know.

The Nonconformance Reporting website is designed to allow purchasers to file a report for:
  1. suppliers of nonconforming product and services
  2. suppliers that are failing to meet quality management system or other program requirements