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Job Safety Check List

Job Safety Check List

Workers must make safety a part of each and every task. This list provides 10 actions a worker should take when arriving at a new worksite.

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When Arriving at a new worksite:

  • Obtain a site orientation.
  • Ask the operator what the hazards are at the site.
  • Understand which safety policies and procedures will govern.
  • Make sure you are trained in the tasks you are to perform prior to reaching the jobsite.
  • Identify any new employees who you will be working with.
  • Sign the visitor log at the jobsite, if available.
  • Conduct a Job Safety Analysis for the work to be done.
  • Know how to report unsafe conditions or incidents, and recogize your authority to STOP WORK.
  • Make sure you are aware of emergency reporting, evacuation and response procedures.
  • Identify the nearest location to receive medical aid.

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