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Working at Heights


When working at heights, workers should use appropriate fall protection safety devices and inspect fall protection equipment for visible defects. They also need to be aware of areas on a job site where fall protection might be required. For more detailed information on working at heights, check out API WorkSafe training and relevant API safety standards.

Download/Print Rules to Live By Booklet

  • Use appropriate fall protection safety devices when working above a certain height (typically > 4 to 6 ft above working surface) or when immediate fall hazards are present
  • Always inspect fall protection equipment for visible defects before use and do not use equipment again once it has arrested a fall.
  • Workers should be trained in the use of, and inspection of, fall protection devices before using.
  • Secure all tools and equipment before ascending.
  • Wear a full body harness.
  • Assure that the anchor point can withstand a 5,000 lb load.

Types of Fall Protection Safety Devices at Oil and Gas Worksites:

Scaffolds or wheeled scaffolds

Scissors lift

Aerial lift, cherry picker or bucket truck


Guardrail systems

Safety net systems

Personal fall arrest systems

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